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    Ending poverty through enterprise
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    Our goal is simple
    to end rural poverty through enterprise..
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    We recognize that sustainable poverty reduction,
    Requires partnerships with stakeholders.

Who we are

Our goal is simple: to end rural poverty through Enterprise.

We recognize that sustainable poverty reduction requires partnerships with stakeholders.
We strive to build partnerships with grass root communities, community based organisations, agricultural cooperatives and micro enterprises across the globe.

Our Mission

To grow high impact, investable enterprises in rural communities across the globe.

Our Vision

Thriving Rural Communities across the globe.

Our Sectors

Agriculture, Industry, Health and Education

Our Focus

Smallholder Farmers
Micro enterprises
Artisan Communities across the Globe.

Our Process

The Thriving Communities Model

At Thriving Communities, we believe that sustainable rural community development requires an integrated approach.
Our 4-Prong Sustainable Community Development Model:

Cooperative Development
Enterprise Development
Market Channel Development
Capital Channel Development

Our Communities

We empower our cooperatives, micro enterprises and CBOs with business acumen and strategy. We advise them in value chain development, financial management and operational efficiency. We connect them to markets through our market network and foster long standing global-local supplier partnerships. We provide capital through our extensive investor and grants/funding network. We harness our global network relationships to provide talent expertise and capacity building to our rural communities.

Micro Enterprises
Community Based Organizations

Our Partners


Non Profits


Impact Investors

Religious Institutions

Educational Institutions

Contact Us

Our Headquarters

North America:
712 H ST NE STE # 1088
WASHINGTON, DC 20002-3627
Phone:+1 800-707-1367
Phone:+1 (202) 871-7407
Fax: +1 202-559-6147
Email: info@thrivingcommunities.ngo